6 Apr 2011

Belum Tua Lagi Ok..Hehe..Anniversary 2 years Dear..

April 5, 1988 I was born, and so now God is giving me the space to live on this earth..Amin..I'm very thankful and grateful to you oh God..Oh, not forgetting my mother who gave birth to me is perfect, I raise and educate me so I know what is the meaning of life..Thank you mom and love u..To my grate father who also gave encouragement and advice is always for me until I succeed in life..Thank you once again..Event though I grew 23 years old ,too many obstacles and challenges that I've gone through..A lot of memories in my life..But all I can still finish with either..Thanks God..I hope and i wish i will success in my future life..InsyaAllah..~Happy Birthday to Me~ . . Hehe . . 

Ops..Forgot one more things..Hehe..Anniversary for 2 years with my dearest..Mohd Fazril..Love u more n more...Thanks for being my great lover ok..U are mine forever till the end of my life..Hopefully our relation is always be the happiness in life...

Cute :)..Hehe